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Out Now: The Long Journey Home

Humanity’s first jump-capable ship is about to go horribly wrong, plunging a misfit team of four astronauts into the ultimate space adventure. Can you get your crew back alive?

I was writer on this space adventure, writing a script of over 170,000 words, coming up with much of the universe and co-designing lots of the quests. It’s a bit Star Control, a bit Farscape, a bit Red Dwarf… a little bit of just about every SF series and universe the team loves.

More info right here. It’s available on Steam and GOG right now, with a fancy boxed version that’s unfortunately only available in the German market. Here’s our awesome launch trailer. I can say that because while I wrote the script, I wasn’t involved with that wonderful music and staging that gives it those majestic Homeworld vibes. So pretty. The actual game features ten crew, from Kirsten, the astronaut seen here, to researchers, pilots and bloggers, all with their own personalities and relationships that evolve over the course of the journey. One of my favourite parts of the game is the crew chatter that shows up throughout the game, giving you a glimpse of the action aboard the Daedalus-7 ship - the fights, the pranks, relationships, the awkwardness of sharing facilities, and the frustrations of being trapped in space that can’t be solved with, ahem, a few minutes alone-time down in Supply Closet B. A particular personal goal was conveying all three sides of being in such a situation - the wonder, the terror, and the frustrating irony of being trapped in a tin can with the whole universe at your feet.

So far, people seem to be appreciating it! Hurrah! (Now we just need a TV Tropes page.)