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Silent Streets

The path to the truth is in a dead man's footsteps...

London, 1867. The telegram arrived last week. You almost threw it into the fire. Whatever right Thomas Horgan had to contact you, he gave it up long before he left London. One more bridge torched in his wake. One more former friend cursing his name. But you read it anyway. Three words the Great Detective would never have said. “Help me. Please.”

Explore dark mysteries in Silent Streets, a Victorian detective adventure. Inspect crime scenes in your real surroundings with augmented reality technology. Forge friendships with unforgettable characters, interrogate suspects, and bring justice to the darkest corner of the Empire.

And if you can survive long enough, you might even discover the truth.

About This Project

Silent Streets came about when I was contacted by Fun Bakers to create a world and write mysteries for a game they were working on. They knew they wanted it to be Victorian in style, and to be based on a ‘walk in real life to walk around the city’ model. I designed the city, Snowport, and its various characters, based on an alternate history where the Royal Society had deemed spiritualism to be science, and established an enclave at the edge of the Empire.

The stories factored in both science and spirituality in some fun ways, as the player learned the beat of the city and decided which of its factions to favour and support. Each case was written to stand alone, but build into a bigger arc about why your mentor had been killed and the city’s dark secrets There were 10 planned, though sadly we only got to the second. Still, folks who played them seemed to enjoy the mysteries and the atmosphere. Some great music too!

The Detective’s Casebook

I. The Boy With The Flower Skin

A disgraced detective lies dead in a cold city of mystery and corruption. Now, only the former associate arrested from his murder can discover the truth, if they can buy themselves some time to investigate.

II. The Mockingbird’s Last Dive

The Detective is drawn into the bloody, anarchic world of Snowport’s dockland boxing scene. All’s fair in the ring, but when it spills out into the rest of the city, nobody involved can afford to just sit by.

Nice Things Said About Silent Streets

“Silent Streets captured the dark, Holmesian vibe that makes those stories so engaging. If the following chapters are as engaging as the first, I’m sure the game will do well, and I’ll continue to get more of that much-needed fresh air and exercise.”

“I’m a sucker for a good story and good characters, and would definitely say that Funbakers have done excellent work with building a world and telling a story which is dark, but engaging.”
Ready Up

“Beautifully written, full of twists and turns, and likely to have you gripped right to the very end.”


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