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Embrace the night. Live the nightmare...

Three months ago, you died. And in that moment you were reborn as something new. A monster. A predator. Not a creature of the night, but one of its masters.

Unfortunately, things aren’t simple as they used to be. Vampires have finally been exposed, and though your existence is tolerated, your new nature is not. You came to the City hoping for a new start, but found only suspicion and starvation. Now you stare at the ceiling of your cheap hotel room as a penniless outcast, suckling on rats and destined to wither away.

But every new era brings new opportunities, and in the political chaos of a world gone mad, even an outcast may rise. An outcast can change everything.

This is the story of how you rose.

About This Project

Nighthawks is my first fully original project, Kickstarted to the tune of $135,000 in September 2018. It’s the answer to a question that’s been bubbling around my head for a while now - what would you get if you crossed Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines with Sunless Sea?

Hopefully something cool. Find out in 2020…


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