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Fallen London

Deep. Dark. Marvellous. Welcome, Delicious Friends...

Thirty years ago, London was stolen. Now it rests on the shore of the Unterzee, that old dark ocean under the world. But Londoners can get used to anything…

Welcome to a dark and hilarious Victorian-Gothic underworld, where every choice has a consequence, from the style of your hat to the price of your soul.

Creep, coerce, brawl and swindle your way through the gaslit streets of Fallen London. Go mudlarking off Ladybones Road, eavesdrop in the ragged old market of Spite or arm-wrestle in Watchmaker’s Hill – wheresoever you roam, you’ll take your chances and shape your fate.

Collect whispered secrets and trade magnificent jewels to further your cause, whilst picking your way through the rats and filth of the fallen city (or embracing the putrid glory of it all). Choose your allies and your path carefully though – after all you never know who you might run into down that dark alley, or what poor soul might run into you…

My Fallen London Stories

Lost In Reflections

They say London fell when the ravens left the tower. One day, they will return. July of the Calendar Council will make sure of it. And you will be there too, when the shadow of the Masters falls upon the Sixth City.

The Pentecost Predicament

You are invited to a marvelous party! Be served by trained Pentecost Apes whose aspirations of humanity will amuse and repel. Just keep a grip on your soul, because by night, this mansion turns maniac.

The Blemmigan Affair

A fresh craze is sweeping Veilgarden; the poetry of fungus. An ensorcelment of armillaria and amanita, the sweet entanglements of espinosae. But who or what is behind this new school?


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