[Video] Heroine’s Quest

Isn’t it typical? You wait fifteen years for a successor to the Quest For Glory series, and then four of them come along at once! Not that I’m complaining. Here’s the first of the set, a Viking themed shot of gender equality whose heroine… gasp… remembered to get dressed today. At least, give or take a bit of a cleavage hole her sprite probably regrets every time she steps into those icy, drippy woods. Thankfully her portrait is more sensible.

Want to play it? It’s free! Download the game here or here.

Additional bits! If you’re curious about Quest For Glory 4.5, check out my Saturday Crapshoot on it here. The complete series, including one of my favourite adventures of all time, QFG4, is available on GOG.COM.

EDITS/EXTRA/ERRATA: At the time of writing I had it in my head that QFG was originally intended to offer gender options, but in retrospect I think it was only character races. They were reduced to just Human to save space.