The Long Journey Home

Unlimited adventures. One destination.

It was supposed to be a short test run - a quick flight to Alpha Centauri and back. But when mankind’s first experimental jump drive goes wrong, a misfit crew finds itself trapped on the wrong side of the universe. The only way back… is through.

The Long Journey Home is a space-exploration RPG from Daedalic Studio West, with a heavy focus on both replayability and personality. Inspired by the likes of Star Control 2, Starflight, Mass Effect, Farscape and Firefly, we set out to combine the best elements of roguelikes - choice, scope, unpredictability - with real characters and stories the player could sink their teeth into and feel at home with. It’s a fun, funny romp, but built on the sense of homesickness we can all identify with, the wonder that newcomers to space always report, and the split between how amazing and terrifying the experience of being lost in a strange galaxy would be.

I was both a writer and designer on the project. My main responsibility was for the script, producing and mechanically scripting over 160,000 words of key text and dialogue (the equivalent of two standard novels!), as well as coming up with most of the alien/character concepts and universe lore. This last part proved trickier matter than in most RPGs, given that there’s no way to know what the player will see, or even which of the eight major Empires will be in the game. I also worked with the rest of the design team on quest design and concepts, as well as more generally on game mechanics, balancing, cinematics and all the other pieces, including marketing copy, documentation and other external elements.

That said, this was definitely one of those projects where everyone chipped in more or less everywhere - building on cool art, new stuff coming out of programming experiments, like the crew chatter that keeps the player company during the journey, and so on and so forth - more or less everything that you see in the game ultimately a group effort from a very cool team.

Exploring The Universe

Visit Strange New Worlds

Endless procedurally generated worlds, full of resources. Meet 15 alien types and learn how to befriend them, turn their quirks into your advantage, and survive in epic space battles against hardened warships.

Join The Crew

Enjoy the crew’s life on board ship as they fight, feud and both enjoy and endure their adventures. Will your crew be the smooth efficiency of Star Trek, the snark of Red Dwarf, or the tensions of Farscape?

Gather Souvenirs

See your crew pile up tables full of alien relics, chat with rescued survivors, and chat about their discoveries and past adventures. Remember how Voyager was mostly unscathed by its trip? Not here.

Discover A Universe

Piece together galactic history as you explore the remnants of ancient cultures, bug-filled monster warrens, and the radioactive remnants of recent cities filled with ruthless scavengers.

Intelligent Life (But Not As We Know It)

Have NPCs personally return to thank you for your service or seek revenge for betrayal. Explore trade hubs or be rescued from obliviion at the last minute by a passing trader. Or weakling…