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Hello, I'm Richard

And in case you were wondering, I'm a UK based freelance writer, game designer and general user of words, including "crowbar" and "scrivener". Drop me an e-mail, follow me on Twitter, and if you like what you're seeing, maybe hire me to help you make cool things?

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The Long Journey Home

Phew! To say that I’m busy at the moment is to leave no word for ‘Aaaargh!’. So, just a couple of quick notices first – there is a Shooting Crap video coming this month, and hopefully the first of a new thing as well, now that my PC is well set up for streaming. But what am I working on that’s taking so much time?

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...who heck Richard?

Why, thanks for asking. As it says above, I'm a freelance writer with over a decade and a half worth of experience in print and web, in between stints being the Avatar of the Eight Virtues and assorted other world-salvation projects. You may have seen my words in titles like PC Gamer, PC Plus, PC Format, SFX, Edge and GamesTM, on websites like Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, IGN and many other places. Most are correctly spelled. Some are funny. Quite a few are puns.

I also work on the other side of the Great Barrier, writing and scripting games - both script as in Final Draft, and script as in narrative and interactive fiction systems design. I've judged game story/writing awards for both BAFTA and the Writer's Guild Of Great Britain, stammered my way through radio shows and podcasts, and lots of other bits and pieces. I'm based in the city of York in England, writing fiction, articles, games, and anything else that will keep my cats in little nibbly treats, including a little games consulting work and perpetually putting off writing a book. (One day!) I also make silly videos about obscure games and drink way too much Coke. Sometimes simultaneously!