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July 18, 2014

The Story Of Doom

In the wake of its latest sequel's announcement, a quick nostalgic look back at a truly underrated gem...

Doom pioneered many things. But oddly, not belly-armour.

Doom popularised many things. But oddly, not belly-shirt power armour.

“Underrated?!” I hear you think. “Doom? One of the most iconic, beloved, successful games of all time?”

Yes. Really. In the FPS hall of fame, Doom is as much a work of art as a classic game. That’s often forgotten for the ‘right’ reasons; that everyone has already used up their quota of being impressed at it effectively starting the FPS (it wasn’t the first by a long shot, but there’s no arguing it had more of an impact than games like Wolfenstein) or is distracted by thoughts of deathmatching, of the technological leap forward it represented.

In looking at the big picture though, many of the smaller details tend to go by the wayside – details that really help highlight why the original Doom was a classic that neither id nor the many, many games that followed in its lead have ever nailed. And one of the least talked about? Its surprising, openly spurned grasp… of narrative.

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July 16, 2014

Gaming Press Corruption!

Stepping into a shadowy but profitable world that nobody wants to admit, but everyone seems to know...

Money. I think. Writing about games for a living, I'm not too familiar with it.

Money. I think. Writing about games for a living, I’m not too familiar with it.

The last few days have seen some much needed clarity and investigation into parts of the gaming press that have traditionally gone sadly unobserved; these fine, fine articles from Simon Parkin and Mike Rose for instance looking into the secrets that YouTubers would much rather be kept private, and thus maintain the illusion of independence and honesty that both they and their fans like to hold up as a difference from traditional outlets. It is however merely one aspect of a far more complex web of deals and expectations that look set to shape the nature of gaming criticism over the next few years, as well as posing a key operating question I feel is overdue being asked.

Specifically, why the hell am I never in on that good shit?

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July 4, 2014

Fallen Swindon

A deliciously playable parody of Fallen London, with apologies to the Masters of the Bazaar.

Fallen Swindon. Home of the Tesco Bazaar.

Fallen Swindon. Home of the Tesco Bazaar.

2014. Three days ago, Swindon was stolen by dyslexic bats who are in spectacular trouble with the Masters of the Bazaar right now. What a bloody awful way to start the week. But, what’s done is done and can’t be fixed, apparently. Good thing Swindoners can get used to anything…

>> Enter Fallen Swindon! <<

Something a little different today! With the world of Fallen London on my mind after seeing folks chattering about Sunless Sea on Twitter, I was in the middle of writing a couple of parody tweets about the – cough – unannounced modern sequel, “Fallen Swindon”. Then I decided, “No, let’s do something a little more fun.” And so…

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Fallen Swindon

2014. Three days ago, Swindon was stolen by dyslexic bats who are in spectacular trouble with the Masters. An affectionate, interactive parody of Fallen London.

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